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Brother ink absorber full – How to solve?

Door , woensdag 12 juni 2024 om 18:01 - Algemeen| English

A common problem with Brother printers is a full ink absorber. This absorber consists of a small sponge pad that catches excess or spilled ink during the printing and cleaning process, preventing the ink from leaking into the printer. When the Brother ink absorber is full, excess ink stains may appear on your printouts. Replacing […]

How to clean Canon printheads

Door , woensdag 17 juni 2020 om 10:23 - Doe-het-zelf| English| Tutorials

Why clean your Canon printheads? This has many benefits such as saving ink, and increasing your printers life expectancy.

HP Instant Ink – What is it, and is it really as affordable as HP claims?

Door , maandag 2 maart 2020 om 17:19 - English

Before purchasing a subscription, it is important to know how HP Instant Ink works, whether it is cheaper, and what the disadvantages are. We’ll go over all these topics in this article! What is HP Instant Ink? HP Instant Ink is a monthly subscription where your compatible HP printer can automatically order new ink cartridges […]

How to unclog printheads on HP cartridges

Door , zondag 1 maart 2020 om 16:18 - English

Bad printouts coming out of your printer? Try these steps first! Clean clogged HP cartridges.